Decentralized Healthcare

Empowering healthcare to make better-informed decisions based on insights from harmonized, accurate data framed in sound data governance


The current system of identity on the internet is an untrustworthy, dangerous system of honeypots and siloed data creating massive friction for the average person


A Dynamic Data Economy is emerging. A decentralized trust infrastructure serving the transactional sovereignty to share information from harmonized, accurate data framed by sound data governance bilaterally. The post millennial generation has witnessed an explosion of captured data points, sparking profound possibilities in both AI and IoT solutions. This has spawned the collective realization that society’s current technological infrastructure is simply not equipped to fully protect personally identifiable information (PII) or to entice corporations to break down internal data silos or streamline data harmonization processes.


Digital innovation means is that the need for sharing personal health and wellness data is going to grow exponentially the good news is that America’s new anti-blocking regulations now give individuals the absolute right to access & share their health & wellness data with the digital innovators of their choice The bad news is that people don’t actually know how to access and share their personal health & wellness data. How do they access it, control it, move it around, so people like researchers can benefit society with it. And how do they protect from hackers and bad actors? Accomplishing this is hard.

Self actioning system

A SELF Actioning System™ (SAS) is a technology-enhanced framework that facilitates self-reflection, self-analysis, or self-improvement, providing insights or actionable recommendations for the individual’s personal development or decision-making. The system empowers individuals to understand themselves better and to act with sovereign reason based on the insights derived from their data. A fundamental integration is a cohesive collection of technological systems or agents that empowers the human controller to pilot the actions and behaviors of these agents, ensuring their actions align with the human’s best interests and desired outcomes. As a result, the human maintains ultimate control over the decision-making process, fostering a collaborative and symbiotic relationship between human guidance and the algorithmic capabilities within the digital environment, thereby empowering the individual with genuinely personalized and contextually relevant experiences in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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